Sunday, March 13, 2011

Muse and Inspiration

So this weekend I have stumbled across two great videos that have inspired me artistically.

First. I have watched the 25th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserables. This music is emotional, raw, dramatic, powerful. The concert was done beautifully. The costumes were great and the voices were practically perfect in every way. From what I read it seems that all of the performers, at least the leads, have been in a previous cast and have done the show before with one exception. Nick Jonas was singing the part of Marius. What the Heck! Who invited him. Not that he did a bad job mind you. He wasn't amazing but I still enjoyed it. It seemed like an extremely odd choice.

Second, is a Documentary called Waking Sleeping Beauty. This film was about Walt Disney Studios in the mid 80s. They were stuggling big time, and the whole animation department was afraid of losing their jobs. Their last big project, the Black Cauldron, was a big failure and was beat out by The Care Bears Movie at the box office. After some changes in management and some new hires, the animation was given new life and started on the road to Redemption with Oliver and Company and the Little Mermaid. It was very interesting and I recommend watching it if you get a chance. Here's the trailer.

Now I want to go do something and leave my mark on the world. I want to perform and create. These stories have made me want even more strongly to develop my talents. I would love to take charge of a project, learn to draw, write a song. Anything.

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  1. Interesting Hills! And you have a million talents. What are you saying?