Monday, March 28, 2011

Nothing Funny about Murder

So I am reading this book entitled Murder in Montparnasse. The "detective" in this story in Phryne Fisher. (To be honest I am not sure how to pronounce her name.) She is a wealthy socialite who is from France but lives in Australia. The time period is 1928 or 1929 so every character is understandably more conservative and proprietary. I haven't finished the book yet but I have learned 2 things.

Legs are scandalous-
"Mr. Jenkins, breath held, watched Phryne climb nimbly onto the chair and sweep the top of the cedar wardrobe with her hands. He averted his eyes from her knees, which were on shameless display."

You can marry some old guy that you don't love as long as he is rich.
"I can continue to be nagged all the time abou thow much money my parents spent on my education and how I have wasted it. Or I can undertake a marriage which will give me pretty clothes, unlimited food, lots of dances, and nice places to stay. Holidays. Champagne."

Sadly I did not hear anything in that statement about said husband, caring for him, or acknowledgement that he will be involved in her life at all. Anyway, I don't know why I find these silly things funny, but this book has been making me laugh.

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