Monday, May 23, 2011

Colorado Lazy

Over the weekend we went to visit my sister Adrienne and her family which consisted of. . .
Encountering snow in the mountains on the drive to Colorado (yes, and its almost June)
Baby Rabbits (So Cute)

CB & Potts for Dinner

NCIS (many many episodes-Dad still won't admit he has a problem, like a 12 step recovery program kind of problem)

U2 Concert (except me because I was babysitting but goodnight kisses and hugs are the best)

Wii with Tristan and Jack (Mario Kart rocks)

Nursery (singing time with 2 18 month old little girls-one of which clapped after all of the songs except one, during which she covered her ears ha ha. I guess we won't be auditioning for American Idol)

Adrienne actually think I didn't know who recorded the original soundtrack of Wicked (hell0!)

Jack coloring his face with markers

Jordan talking about the NBA playoffs and how much he wants the Heat to win and how amazing Michael Jordan is for 4 hours on the way home. Not that I minded. . because I am trying to better myself and because more sports savvy

The best about the trip was that I got a day off of work and my family is coming to Utah to visit in about 10 days.

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