Monday, May 30, 2011


Well Last Week was My Birthday and instead of celebrating for one day, I had a Hannakuh theme going on. 5 days of celebration. Unfortunately I didn't get five days worth of gifts ha ha. I love having a birthday because you get to hear from your family and friends and know that someone is thinking about you.

Wednesday (my actual birthday) I had to work from 9-6. Adult birthdays are so fun. My friend Holly took me out to lunch. I love Zupas. Then I got to spend time with my mom and we went and got sandwiches for dinner. She also bought me two new awesome skirts which was great because I was really thinking I needed new Sunday clothes. Then my roommate actually took me out for ice cream=-) The best part of the day was Tyler singing Happy Birthday to me though. Its the highlight year after year.

Friday my roomates Sarah and Kaisha and my old roomate (also Sarah) took me to dinner and we had a movie night and watched No Reservations. Sarah brought me some treats and Sarah gave me the new KT Tunstall cd.

Saturday my friend Jokke took me to see Thor in 3D. Funny and Goofy but not at all what I was expecting. It was very entertaining and Chris Hemsworth is just so very handsome.
Then I got to have dinner with my Apartment 54 friends from when I lived in Riviera. Admittedly that had nothing to do with my birthday but its still an excuse to have fun and get together. They taught me how to play Bullet (which is like an official version of mafia). Very fun.

Then Monday my parents took us out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. We got home and everyone was sleepy and wanted a nap. I checked my email and was getting ready to video chat with Erin when she and Bianca came up the stairs. My mom was lying on the couch in the next room and asked "How did you call her and get her up so fast? It sounds like she's right there in the room." Ha Ha. She and Karl and the kids surprised us and showed up in Utah 5 days early! I finally got to see Henry and his chubby cheeks.

P.S I know Hanukkah is 8 days long but that just seems excessive for a birthday.
On to the next party. Baby blessing and family coming this weekend!!!

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