Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First World/Rich People Problems

Poor you.

i had the weirdest most frieghtening nightmare
that my ipod cracked in half. 
and when i was arguing with my dad i thought i chucked my ipod that was already broken but instead i chucked my other not-that-broken ipod
and i was ipodless…
so scared.

One of the reasons I hate the gym.
Those stupid machines show you how many calories you are burning and you never seem to burn enough! I don’t want to know that in  an hour and a half I was at the gym, I only burned off the same amount of calories as the bagel I had for breakfast. Let me think that I burned off last night’s pizza, and monday’s Moe’s as well as my bagel. :(

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  1. Bahahahahaha
    Also, I'm totally going to see les mis Christmas day, nothing can stop me!