Monday, May 21, 2012


    Julia Beckett believes in destiny. When she moves into Greywethers, a beautiful sixteenth-century farmhouse, she suspects that more than coincidence has brought her there. The locals are warm and welcoming, especially the eligible squire of Crofton Hall, yet beneath the ordinariness, Julia senses a haunting sadness about her new home. Then she learns of Mariana, a beautiful young woman who lived there three hundred years ago. It seems history has been waiting for Julia....." 

I really enjoyed this book. I'm not one to get sucked up into sappy romances but I found these characters very likable. I think you'll get lost in the world of Julia and Mariana, and you'll enjoy every second.
There were so many great  quotes I wanted to share. 

"I've told you once I would not force you to my will," he reminded me, drawing one finger along my upturned jawline. "When we become lovers, it will be because you desire it as much as I." His finger brushed my lips, the fleeting phantom of a kiss, before he raised his hand to his hat and bid me a polite good day. 

The past can teach us, nurture us, but it cannot sustain us. The essence of life is change, and we must move ever forward or the soul will wither and die.

"I do not want a frightened woman, nor a coy one, but one who gives love because she desires it so. If I make no promises, it is because the world is an uncertain place, and words matter little." But if you doubt the honor of my love, come"--he stretched his hand toward me, palm upward--"let me renew my pledge."

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