Friday, February 8, 2013

Risky Business.

So When I heard Taylor Swift was coming on tour to Salt Lake City, I immediately thought of my 10 year old niece and how much she would love to go. The day the tickets went on sale they sold out probably within 20 minutes. I was too slow and I was pretty upset about disappointing my niece. But I do have a reputation as the favorite aunt to protect, so I went to work.

The past few weeks I've been searching and searching online classifieds for reasonably priced tickets to a sold out concert.  I am afraid to admit that I was pretty much shooting for the stars on this one.  (Please excuse me for getting on a soap box here).  I did my research and I know how much these tickets cost at face value.  I found a girl who was selling her tickets close to where I live. With her ad, she put a picture of her physical tickets.  On the face of her ticket is the price that was paid. $89.50, or somewhere close to that.  Guess how much she was selling her tickets for? $300! I don’t know how these people sleep at night. Every ad was the same story. End of Soap Box.

So I finally found the cheapest tickets listed and luckily the lady lived close by where I work. I sent her a text message and arranged to meet her in a public location after we both were off of work, and by public location I mean a gas station. As I’m pulling up to the meeting spot I get a text message that says “I’m in a tan car in front of the red box”. 

So I park my car, and start wondering over to the red box and I see a tan car. I start looking at the driver to see if she’ll wave, get out of the car, say something. Anything!  I really felt like a creeper.  So the lady gives me a kind of suspicious look and finally rolls down her window. I introduce myself just to make sure I’m talking to the right person and not a random stranger. She doesn't even get out of the car or open the door. She has her window rolled down about half way.  I hand over the money and she passes me the tickets. I felt shady and I’m sure anybody who saw us probably thought there was a drug deal happening.

I know I paid this lady too much money for the seat location but I did manage to get tickets. I am once again top tier favorite aunt material, and I’ve decided I really should get onto this scalping band wagon. Looks like a good way to make money.  =-)

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  1. That's crazy! You had better be the favorite aunt after going through all that.