Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars

I made a very special effort to watch the Oscars on Sunday Night so I thought I ‘d talk about a few of my favorite parts.

Who doesn't love looking at the dresses!

When these happened. These are some talented folks

The James Bond Tribute

The Les Miserables Cast Sings Live! I thought Amanda Seyfried sounded way better live than in the movie and Russel Crowe did a decent job as well.

And Anne Hathaway wins for Best Supporting Actress

Jennifer Lawrence trips up the stairs on the way to accept her award and handles it very gracefully

I felt bad that Daniel Radcliff had to present with Kristen Stewart. She sounded about as excited to be at the Oscars as she would to go to the dentist for root canal.  

Right at the end of the Oscars and Michelle Obama comes on to announce the final award. Really? shouldn't she be doing something that’s beneficial to our country? Oh wait, that's right, the first lady is a celebrity.  I don't think this was necessary at all. 

Lastly I really enjoy Daniel Day Lewis and I’m glad he won for Best Actor. He seemed very humble and actually pretty funny. I almost wish he hadn’t been involved in a movie this year. If it wasn’t for him I think Hugh Jackman would have been the favorite to take home the shiny statue. Hugh Jackman is completely awesome and he deserves it. 

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