Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Deal Breaker

Last weekend I went out on a blind date. This guy I went out with seemed like a decent normal guy. He was nice, articulate, he likes to read. Then during dinner, I find out that he doesn't like pumpkin pie. What! Who doesn't like pumpkin pie? That is so not normal!
That might be a deal breaker.

I am not very demanding when it comes to dates or choosing friends to spend with but these are the things that will help guys earn points with me.

First, be respectful. Don't talk about yourself the whole night and open doors for me. It's very much appreciated.

Hygiene. Shower everyday but don't overdo it on the cologne. Don't belch and do other gross things.

Be positive. Give a sincere compliment, and don't complain about everything going on in your life. Negativity is a turn off.

Eat Sugar. I don't think I could ever hang out with somebody who doesn't eat cookies and ice cream.

Be Goofy. I think its cute when guys can bust out a song and have fun singing at the top of their lungs. Even when they're not the best singer.

Read. I respect somebody who always has a book they are working through. That usually means they have a decent vocabulary.

Country music. Guys have to enjoy country music and be okay with me talking about how much I love Hunter Hayes.
On a similar note, the guy I date should be willing to go see a Michael Buble concert if I ask him.

What are your deal breakers?

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