Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lessons from Redbox

So do you guys go to rent movies from Redbox often?  I rented a movie on Saturday and realized I experienced two of my pet peeves, just while waiting in line.

The first is one I’m sure you have all experienced. I get in line and I am stuck behind a group of 10 or 12 year old boys.  I hear them talking, and I know they are looking for Ironman. They look at the alphabetized list and find out that Ironman is not available. Should be end of story, right? No. These boys decide what they need to do now is scroll the entire list of movies two or three more times just to make sure they couldn’t find Ironman.  This literally went on for 10 minutes and they were completely oblivious to the other people waiting. This is why we have something called the internet.  You can reserve a dvd at a location near you. That way when you show up at the redbox, all you have to do it swipe your card and take your movie.  I guess browsing is not all that bad but not when you have a line of people behind you.  Just remember to be considerate, people.

The next thing that bothered me was the guy behind me in line that had no respect for personal boundaries.  I had a dvd reserved and had just stepped up to the machine to swipe my card when the guy behind me steps into my personal bubble and starts to crowd me just a little too closely. He is probably 2 inches away from me, and I can practically feel him breathing down my neck. This also happens frequently at the self checkout at walmart.  Don’t be that person whether you are in line at the movie theatre or the grocery store. Just remember to give people their space. Crowding them will not make things move along any faster.
Anyway that is all. Do you all think I’m a horrible person now?  Ha ha

Have a wonderful day.

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