Friday, October 18, 2013

On Being Stupid.

The word stupid has several, slightly different meanings
1. Slow to learn or understand;
2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless

I wouldn’t call myself a stupid person but because I live in a fairly safe neighborhood I am a naturally trusting person. I always lock my car wherever I park, but I don’t mind walking at night by myself or, say going to a movie theatre alone. After one particularly frightening experience at the movies, this is something I am trying to be better about.

This was in spring of 2011. I had just graduated from BYU (Brigham Young University), and I was not taking classes at the time. It was during finals week and my roommates were busy preparing for tests. I had gone to the track to jog after work. When I got home from working out I decided since my roommates were at the library studying I decided I would go see a movie. I had wanted to see Source Code. I went in my work out clothes, all gross and disgusting.  After I arrived at the theatre and bought my ticket I realized I had arrived a little bit early and my movie was not seating people for another 10 minutes.  Because I had no other choice, I hung out in the lobby watching previews. While I was waiting, this guy who is a probably 6 years older than I am starts making small talk and chatting me up. I could tell he was at least a little interested. This might sound conceited but you have to understand that this never happens to me, so I felt uncomfortable in the first place. Secondly, this guy was not very attractive and the conversation grew awkward. This was probably because I really wanted to be left alone.
So then this guy, asks me what movie I am seeing and if I am waiting for any of my friends. This is when lying comes in handy. I was thrown off guard so I just answered honestly. I told him I was waiting to see Source Code and that I wasn’t waiting for anybody. Stupid moment, and not one of my finest. I should have known better. Then he tells me that he was seeing the same movie and wanted to know if we could sit together. Geeze. I know he was lying because when I said that would be fine, he excused himself and went and bought his movie ticket. How weird is that. It was like he was hunting for someone to sit with before he decided what movie to watch. Maybe I am reading too much into that? I don’t know, but he was just hanging out in the lobby.

Then we sit by each other and he keeps trying to make awkward small talk during the previews. And I love watching previews. He kept asking me if he was making uncomfortable, which got old very fast. He asked me that at least 5 times. I guess maybe I sit awkwardly in the theatre chairs. I don’t know. Then, near the beginning of the movie, he leans over and tells me that I smell good. Creeper! Who does that? I asked him what I smelled like because I literally had just come from the gym. In reality I probably smelled sweaty and gross.

During the movie I actually felt this guy’s pinky touch my hand like he was trying to hold my hand. I’m trying not to accuse but it was all so strange.
Also during the movie, he actually left to go to the bathroom and I felt so off, and maybe a little worried for my own well being, that I almost considered moving seats so he couldn't find me. But I didn't

So, after the movie I didn't want the guy following me to my car so I told him it was nice to meet him, and I bolted out of the theater before he could get out of his seat. 

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