Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Social

1. What is one item you wish you could splurge on right now.
I would say right now, it would be between a new lap top or a new cell phone. I'd consider a Samsung Galaxy 5 but at this moment I would like to get a new Nexus 5.

2. If you had an entire weekend of no plans what would you do?
If I could I would go hang out by the pool all day. I would swim and then enjoy the sunshine and a good book. Or, I would just have a day for me and go to a movie, go shopping, and just have fun. Otherwise known as making plans  ha ha. 

3. What is the next place you are visiting outside of your current city?

I am hoping to visit St. George Utah this month and go to the Tuacahn Outdoor Theater. I would love to go see the Little Mermaid and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. 

4. Are you a neat freak or a clutterbug?
I can be both. My room and my desk at work can get a little cluttered but for the most part I keep things pretty organized. 

5. What is your favorite summer purchase?
I have bought some cute Maxi Skirts I got a Navy skit and a Black and White skirt. 

And of course I have really enjoyed my new car which I wrote about in my last blog post.


  1. I found your blog through Sunday Social. I love your black and white maxi skirt. I've been on the lookout for some cute maxi skirts and/or dresses.

  2. Stopping by from Sunday Social today. I love hanging out at the pool, as well. Especially early in the morning before it gets too hot!

  3. That IS a cute skirt! I haven't worn skirts in ages, but a maxi might work for me. Thanks for the idea!