Thursday, October 22, 2015

4th Annual Crook Family Refunion Part 1

For those of you reading who are new readers and are now thinking, what is a "refunion"?  What is she talking about? This is our annual family get together with my siblings and their families and our parents. We don't believe in the word "reunion." Reunions should be fun and we take our fun very seriously. We get together and spend 3 days having a great time.   

I took this picture right before we drove to Park City. Karl couldn't make it but we want to make sure he's included as much as we can. 

 This year we got crazy. We got to Park City early enough and we had enough gifts we decided to do 4 nights of white elephant gifts instead of our usual 3. This is our family tradition. Everybody contributes and you have to be at least 10 years old to participate. 
Books and Giftcards

cataclysm t-shirt

Funny Tshirt. 

New Makeup Bag


For some weird reason, Olivia kept getting aprons. This was the first of many. 

1984 Bush/Reagan Shirt and Mug-so great!

I can't express how much I love this t shirt. I need to order me one. 

This CD/DVD combo was less popular.

This towel says "Salt Life" Its a fun restaurant in Florida and they have separate stores that sell shirts and other merchandise. 

For Cooking

Hair Products

An inflatable boombox-what?

Electrical Clamps

Charlie and the Chocolate FActory

S and B

Jigs and Baby

Just Trouble

E and Grandpa


He loves Uncle J

Cute girls

Everbody Loves her. 

Photo bomb!

Best Friends

Baby in a Bag

We did a competition each day. After lunch, our job was to go into the Park City Museum and study the displays. Then we would answer questions-Girls on one team. Boys on another. 
Winning team got points. We switched up the teams each day and at the end of the reunion the child and adult with the most points earned the secret prize.

We got to meet the Search and Rescue dogs that work at the ski resort. 

Nuff Said

Play time with the light up glasses. 

Goes in the Kitchen

Duffel Bag and Water Bottle

E and Mr. Tiger

See-more Aprons

And a S'more Kit


Curling Iron

Super Nice Earphones. My niece took them and said she was going to trade them for a Wii.

My gift-shampoo and perfume

Head Rest for Travel

Trojans...I think

NObody wanted this DVD-Dad tried to return it to Wal Mart-even they wouldn't take it back. 

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