Wednesday, October 28, 2015

4th Annual Crook Refunion Part 2

Here are the teams for our first Challenge. 

This was superfun. We had a certain amount of time and limited amount of money to spend. 
We had a story that outlined things we needed to take pictures of, and certain items we had to purchase. The goal was to get as many things crossed off the list with time limit and money we were allotted. So we headed off to the outlets at Park City
This was my contribution:

Luggage or  Carry On

 Talking on the phone

Something Slow-I got two of them. 

We also had to purchase an island frock, an exercise outfit, something to bake with, something that had the name Tommy. Man I wish I could remember everything. It was super fun. We had to make sure the little kids were involved. We earned points based on meeting back to the meeting spot on time and how many items we collected. 

We went out to celebrate India's Birthday

 Her Cool Birthday Shades

Sombrero and Dessert

White Elephant 

A Book and Banana Slicer

Wolf T-shirt


This are electrical clamps or something handy like that. 

A boatload of Shaving Cream
and a matching Hat. Doesn't dad look thrilled.

Dr. Pepper Tshirt

Giant Playing Cards

A nice duffel bag

Perfume or makeup Samples

Brooklyn 99-Such a funny show.

This Keith Urban Guitar was in my possession for about 30 seconds before it was stolen.

Make up samples

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