Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Catch a Ride Home.

So we have a customer at the bank that we see on a pretty regular basis. "K" is about my age and he got married last year. K's dad is also one the branch manager's at the bank where I work. We all know K but the most time i have spent with him is maybe a minute while I am cashing a check or something.

So Friday I got a call right before closing. It is K. He and his wife were at the grocery store across the street and their car broke down. He was wondering if i was headed toward Pleasant Grove and if I could take them home. I asked them if they knew what was wrong with their car. K said, it could be a whole lot of different things. They went into the grocery store and when they came out with their groceries and the car just wouldn't start. K said he called his Dad to give them a ride but he couldn't get a hold of him. I was thinking "that's grand, but how is the lady at the bank, i.e me, the next logical person on your list to call. Isn't there a friend you can call?" I mean we are really not even friends. We're definitely not close at all.

I was a little upset about the whole situation, but I am glad I did my good deed for the month and earned my self some "brownie points."

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