Friday, January 21, 2011

Scared Silly

So we now have a brand new customer at the Bank, and we'ere all just super happy and excited about it, NOT. As "W" opened up his account he was bearing his testimony and crying and ended up singing a song to our Customer Service people. While these might not be inherently bad, there's a socially appropriate time and place to do such things.

Then W came up to my window. He wanted a roll of the new Abraham Lincoln gold dollars. He was very particular and basically warned me not to touch the gold, just the paper. Then he asked me to check for half dollars, or any other “unusual money.” By unusual I’m pretty sure he means collectible or uncirculated. He told me if anything “unusual” came in our shipment that I should hold on to it and that he would be back. I told him I would keep an eye out for anything interesting. Then, he turned and looked at me and said “ if you don’t believe me, just look into my eyes.” He then removed the sunglasses he had been wearing and proceeded to stare me down. He had that serious thoughtful look that David Caruso gives on CSI Miami. You know the look, where he delivers some quip that is supposed to be witty or ironic, and he removes his sunglasses as the sun sets behind him and the opening credits roll.

After he was done with that, W asked me not to call the cops on him. I told him that was silly and that there was no reason whatsoever to do that. He continued to tell me that just the night before, for no explicable reason according to him, two people at Wal-Mart called the cops on him because they believed him to be dangerous. The police arrived and escorted the 2 individuals to their car and detained W for an hour. Can you say scary?

Needless to say, I have never met someone who has ever made me feel that uncomfortable. We were already just to do whatever he asked and get him to leave the building as soon as possible. Personally I think its time to invest in some pepper spray.

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