Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sunday Social 68

1.  What is your favorite handbag you've ever owned?
It wasn’t actually mine but my sister let me borrow her Luella Bartley bag for awhile.

2. What is your dream handbag you lust over?
This Kate Spade

3. What are the daily essentials in your purse or work bag?
Wallet, keys, phone, Ipod, and reading material.

4. What's in your purse (with pictures)?

Checkbook and wallet that is broken

Books and Magazine to read.

Gum and Treats

  My Dinosaur Ipod Classic


  1. We pretty much carry all the same things!

  2. your current bag, and dream bag are beauties!
    Subscribed to your blog. Please return the love =]

  3. I've seen several beautiful Kate Spade bags. Great choice.

  4. I LOVE the luella bag it is so pretty!!

  5. The Kate Spade bag is very cute. I like dark colors so I would like it in brown, black, or burgundy.


  6. My dinosaur iPod still works great as well. I used it in my classroom and my students joked it was an antique.