Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BMW Nostalgia

Okay you guys. I absolutely love Boy Meets World. I am  completely excited for the spin off Girl Meets World. I just found out it will be airing in January! Any other fans out there? 

  Now to keep with the Boy Meets World theme, here are some classic life lessons from the smartest guy on t.v. Mr. Feeny. 

1)   Don’t judge a book by its cover

2)  It doesn’t matter what people think of you

3)  Don’t take the easy way out.

4)  Things Don’t Always Happen for a Reason

5)  Don’t Take Things For Granted

6)  Face Your Fears

7)  Love Conquers All

8)  Friends Can Be Family Too

9)  Follow Your Heart

10)                New Relationships Take Time To Form

11) When You Find Someone You Love, Never Let Them Go.

12)                Sometimes The Hardest Things and the Right Things Are the Same.

13)                You don’t need to abide by the media’s portrayal of “beautiful.”

14)                You Don’t Always Have to Keep Your Cool.

15)                Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Big Life Change

 And of course, this…


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