Monday, September 23, 2013

The Hurricane Strikes Again-adventures in buying tickets.

So this weekend I’ve had what I call a “hurricane” moment. My sister calls me hurricane Hillary because destruction usually follows me no matter where I am. It’s not always destruction. Sometimes things that happen to me are just strange, and sometimes it’s just plain bad luck.

When it comes to boys, there was the time I was set up with this kid that was 6’6. I’m 5’2. That wasn’t awkward feeling like a 2 year old next to him.
My favorite story of all time was 30ish year old that saw me and work and had his mother call to see if I was single. It’s a great story. You need to read both parts.

There was also the time that I somehow ended up with 11 extra tickets to Wicked. What?! That involved tickets being limited to 6 per purchaser, two people trying to get them and technology on my phone failing. It’s a long story. Luckily I charmed the employee at the box office enough over the phone that they refunded half of the purchase. I only had to sell 6 tickets.

This weekend I went to see my roommate perform in this show at Brigham Young University. It’s called Evidance. All of the dance groups on campus perform including the folk dance ensemble, the ballroom team, the ballet company, the contemporary dance team. It’s actually a very fun show with a lot of variety, despite all the performers being dancers. Anyway, my trouble started the day I bought the tickets. I purchased the tickets and when opted to have a copy sent via email so that I could print them at home. I looked at the tickets and I had somehow purchased them for a Saturday matinee, not Friday night like I’d intended. So I had to call the box office again and have them switch my tickets to the right day.

 Then the night of the performance I realized that my printer was out of ink. I had to make trip to the library to use their printer to get my tickets, and this was a 15-20 minute drive each way. The show started at 7:30. On my way back from the library I was panicking. I was supposed to meet my friend at the theatre on campus and I didn’t arrive until 7:22 or something like that. So we go into the theatre. We are on time and everything is great. I look at our tickets and we are on row D in seats 26 and 27. So we find our seats and on seat 26 there is a sign that says, this chair is reserved for patrons who are Hard of Hearing. At this point I am thinking, What the heck! I am determined to enjoy our seats that are nice and close to the stage, so I tell my friend just to put the sign under her chair. We’ll ignore it.

Just as the light go down and the show is starting, an usher comes up to us and asks us if seat D26 is printed on our tickets. We say yes, but he asks us to follow him out into the hall. Apparently D26 is not reserved for hard of hearing but it was reserved for a cast member. Someone in the cast was supposed to sit in D26 and then pretend to be called up out of the audience during the performance. So the usher asks us to move further back into new seats on Row M.  9 rows back. I was just so surprised that I paid for my tickets, I paid for seat on row D and they still made my friend and I move. I have never had that happen before. 

The performance was still great, but it just proves that life is always an adventure when I’m around. Anything that could go wrong usually will.

I was actually pretty upset until I had a customer call at work. He was on a road trip, stranded and desperate. . He left his debit card in Kansas and ended up in Colorado before he realized his card was gone. He had no other cash or credit cards on him, just his check book. Then I thought, I guess having to  move seats was not that big of a deal, right?

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