Thursday, September 19, 2013

You Learn Something New Everyday

Contrary to popular belief I do not know everything.  I’ve learned a few new things this past week.

 You know how you use certain words and you know their connotation and general meaning but can’t give them a precise definition. For me one of those words is scraggly. So I decided to look up what scraggly actually means this week. Scraggly means something is irregular in form or growth.  Scraggly describes anything that is uneven, ragged, untidy, or unkempt.  This dog is 

Cee Lo Green was part of the duo behind Gnarls Barkley, who brought us the catchy song Crazy. I don’t know where I’ve been living, but I had no idea.

I can’t write straight without lined papers. I think it’s a physical impossibility.

It’s possible to balance a broom on its bristles.

I have a chocolate problem. Okay, just kidding. I already knew that.

And have you heard of making a flubber like substance when you mix water and cornstarch.  Have you seen this? You can walk on the stuff! Its super weird but very interesting.

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