Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Birthday MB and HH

So I am a major nerd and like to tell people that I have 2 celebrity boyfriends. Michael Buble and Hunter Hayes.  Imagine how surprised I was to discover last week that they both were born on September 9th. They share the same birthday. They are both such studs . They are both so handsome and talented and deserve birthday wishes!

Michael Buble. Yeah for the new dad who sings like an angel.

He is super sweet. Can I be called up on stage when I go to his concert?

He can be also be so funny! This SNL skit gets me everytime. Sorry this quality is so bad. 

Hunter Hayes. He seems like so much fun, so down to earth, and just so darn loveable.

Here is one of his new songs I really like.

His newest For the Love of Music episodes on his youtube channel

Happy Birthday Boys!! From your #1 fan

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