Friday, September 27, 2013

Rules I Am Willing to Break

One-I will sing along with the radio, Ipod, CD, or whatever is playing in the car. I know some people find it annoying but if I know the words and can rock out and have fun, I am going to. Most of the time I am by myself in my car so I don't have to worry about anybody else ha ah.

Two-Right Hand Turn Arrows. I'm not not sure what the point of these are. If I see a right hand turn arrow and its red, I am treating it like a normal red light. If I see no cars or pedestrians in my way, I am going to run. Does anybody else think these are silly?

Three-I will go to movies by myself.  I am comfortable enough to go alone if it is a movie I've been dying to see.  I have cut down on this because of a weird encounter with another creepy guy at a movie theater. That will a topic for a later post. And on a related note. I have no problem bringing my own candy and snacks to the movie. Their prices are ridiculous. 

Four-If I make cookies, I am totally eating the raw dough. I Its delicious. 

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