Thursday, September 12, 2013

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So you know all of the youtube channels that provide really cool tutorials about how to do hair, how to get this program to install properly on your computer, how to make the perfect chocolate cake, how to tie a quilt and so on. I have been thinking all week how I wish I had a super cool talent or a niche that I could share with everybody.  That got me thinking about my hidden talents that would never ever make an exciting Youtube video.

Event Planner-seriously if you are ever wondering I keep pretty close tabs on what shows are coming to town, who’s performing in concert, and when tickets go on sale.
Drinking large beverages and not wasting them-especially if it’s Dr. Pepper.

Movie Quotes and Trivia in General. I'm a Master

Cartwheels-I’m legitimate guys. It’s the only skill that remained from my gymnastics days.

I can fall asleep with all of the lights on in my room.

I am a pretty great speller. True story. I got second place in my spelling bee in 5th grade. I lost on the word millisecond.
Finding TV episodes that aren’t on Hulu or Netflix yet .  I’m actually pretty proud of myself.

Karaoke-my go to song is Eye of the Tiger.

I can find my phone, iPod or anything out of my purse without using my eyes. This skill comes in handy especially while I’m driving.

Making a pint of Ben and Jerry’s actually last for four servings.

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