Monday, October 1, 2012

Awkward Moments Part 2

So here is part two of my awkward moments story. If you haven’t read part one. Click here and do that now before you go any further. Movie News will be postponed until tomorrow. 
So a month after this initial message, I received another text from Jon.

Jon: Do you sing or have you started?
Me: I sing a lot. In my car. By myself.  (I had to say something so I wasn’t completely rude)
Jon: That’s cool. Has anyone ever heard you sing? I’m sorry that I just come out and ask these things out of the blue. I just really liked your voice but I seem to ask and say strange things. I guess that why I can’t get a date. That or I’m ugly. . Lol! Anyway, has anyone ever said they liked the sound of your voice before? IF you want I’ll leave you alone.
So at this point I am instant messaging with my sister, so I don’t respond for a whole 7 minutes. Jon sends me another message. This is the best part of the whole exchange.
Jon: It’s cooo…..all this free time gives me the opportunity to catch up on my Spongebob. I love that stupid yellow fagot. Take it easy.

What!!!! There are just so many things wrong with this “conversation” I can’t even start to list them. And many people are surprised when they asked me if I am engaged yet and I tell them no. It’s just inexplicable.

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  1. Seriously? What a weirdo! I hope you don't ever hear from him again.