Monday, January 10, 2011

I love my Family

My family is full of smart and calculating people, and I love them. For example, A week or two before Christmas Adrienne entered a contest and won a new Ipod touch. I told her that she needed to win one for me. Or, better yet, since she got my name for Christmas I could just take the Ipod in place of whatever she had given me for Christmas. Her response was simply “rude.” Adrienne said that she was willing to sell the Ipod, but that she would wait until she actually got it to find out how many GBs it was and how much she wanted to ask for it. That was all fair enough.

Today, I get a text message and this is how the conversation went.

Adrienne: I got the Ipod, It 32 Gb. How much is it worth to u?

Me: I’d say $50.00, but I’m willing to bargain. ( Keep in mind that she won the Ipod and paid nothing for it)

Adrienne: U realize that if u got it at Best Buy ud pay 299.

Me: Yes, but any money that you actually get would just be profit, right?

Adrienne: umm, yes.

Me: Well, how much do you want for it?

Adrienne: I’ll keep you posted.

Then my brother Jordan pipes in with his own text message to moi

Jordan: If yo Adrienne texts you make sure you lowball her if you make an offer on the ipod. . .she might make an auction out of us.

Adrienne's tough, the dirty rotten scoundrel. At least Jordan and are looking out for each other right? Or are we?

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