Thursday, August 23, 2012

Think You Can Dance!

So my roommates dragged me to see the new movie Step Up Revolution.  While it was too mushy and dramatic for my taste, the dance numbers were actually really impressive. I liked that it wasn’t all hip hop, but they threw in some lyrical, contemporary pieces as well.  I’m embarrassed to say that movies like this make me wish I was a better dancer. Or that I could dance at all. Ha ha

Anyway I think that it was fun watching really good dancers. One of my favorite shows is So You Think I Can Dance.  I love the show because there is so much diversity as far as the style of dances that you get to watch every week. So I’ve put together a collection of some of my favorite dances throughout the past seasons.

Addiction (Contemporary by Mia Michaels-love her)

Turn to Stone Contemporary (Travis Wall)

Sweet Dreams (Jazz)

Keep Holding On (lovely waltz)

Total Eclipse of the Heart-

Time (another Mia Michaels) Its a story of a reunion in Heaven

Do you watch So You Think You can Dance? Have you seen any dances that you were really impressed with?

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