Friday, August 31, 2012

Retail and Easy Listening

So I finished my first week of school. 7 classes, but one of them is on-line. I have each class once a week, so my classes are usually 2-3 hours long. So I went to the book store to buy my books.  This motley crew cost me over $470.00! Can you believe it! It's robbery.

This stack is all for one class! 

To make myself feel better I’ve been purse shopping this week because mine is falling apart I found this cute turquoise flowery purse at Sophie’s Chic Boutique but when I went today to buy it, somebody had already snatched it up. I did find a pretty cute black one though

 I also just wanted to let you all know about another podcast that I’ve enjoyed. It’s called “Stuff You Should Know” and it is produced by This podcast is great for 2 reasons. The episodes are shorter than a normal podcast. I’d say on average they last about 30 minutes. Second, they talk about everything you could ever think of or wonder about. The episodes I’ve been listening to are:

 “Did a Cow start the Great Chicago Fire?”
“How White Collar Crime Works.”
“How Ramadan Works”
“How Shark Attacks Work”

Next Up I am going to listen to
“Did Reagan’s Star Wars Program End the Cold War?”
“Why You Probably Have a Criminal Record”
“How the Electoral College Works”

If you drive around a lot or commute to work you might as well learn something interesting while you’re at it.
Check it out!

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