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At the Movies (March 12th)

Opening This Week March 15 (Friday)
The Call
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
Welcome to the Punch
From Up on Poppy Hill (Limited)
Spring Breakers (Limited)
Upside Down (Limited)
New Trailers
This Bling Ring                                                                                              
Much Ado About Nothing
Video:My Favorite Scene from Enchanted. 

Now Lucas Confirms Hamill, Ford & Fisher Will Return to 'Star Wars'

Another day, and another news bit for Star Wars: Episode VII gets thrown around. Yesterday, most of us were "duped" again as the word from Carrie Fisher about returning as Princess Leia was yet another joke in response to a serious question. However, one man who we can trust a little bit more with knowledge of the progress on the start of the new Star Wars trilogy is George Lucas. Though he's not heavily involved, the creator of the Star Wars universe is still a consultant, mostly to provide insight to the deeper parts of the characters and worlds. Now an interview with Bloomberg Business Week has him confirming Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford were essentially signed on to return before the announcement hit. Read more.

Disney Unsurprisingly Planning 'Oz: The Great and Powerful' Sequel

The film is just hitting theaters today, but Disney is already preparing a sequel to the prequel that isOz: The Great and Powerful. THR has word that Mitchell Kapner, who came up with the concept and ideas for the origin story of Oz (thanks in part to the books by L. Frank Baum), has been hired to write the script for the sequel which would continue following James Franco as he becomes the great wizard that the people of Oz come to admire so much. Kapner also worked on the screenplay for Oz: The Great and Powerful, but had help later from David Lindsay-Abaire who wrote the underrated Rise of the Guardians. Read more.

WB and Jay Roach Plan Different Film About Doping Cyclist Racer

While we were at Sundance earlier this year, news broke of Lance Armstrong admitting to using performances enhancing drugs to win Tour de France titles. Shortly thereafter, Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot teamed to land the rights to Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong, a book set to be published through Harper Collins that chronicles the rise and fall of the once inspiring professional cyclist. Now the race is to the big screen as Deadline reports Atlas Entertainment's Charles Roven(producer of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy) and Alex Gartner are working on the story from another angle. Read more.

Emily Blunt is Replacing Emma Watson for 'Your Voice in My Head'

When Harry Potter director David Yates left the director's chair of the film adaptation of Emma Forrest's memoir Your Voice in My Head, we weren't sure whether the movie would stay alive or be banished to development hell. It appears the project is still a go, as Digital Spy just conducted an interview with Stanley Tucci (one of the future stars of the film) and according to the actor, the project has just switched leading ladies from Potter star Emma Watson to Tucci's The Devil Wears Prada co-star Emily Blunt. She'll play a troubled young woman who purposefully hurts herself, visits a wise psychiatrist, and learns to live again. Read more.  

Disney: 'Beauty and the Beast' Remake + Emma Watson Not 'Cinderella'

Here's a strange web of interconnected news. Just at the end of last month we learned that Emma Watson was in talks for the title role in a live-action version of Disney's famous fairytale Cinderella. However, Variety reports that she is no longer taking the role. The move did seem surprising since Watson was said to be part of a new take on Beauty and the Beast with Guillermo del Toro producing. In a strange twist, there's news that Disney is working on their own live-action version of the familiar tale with they turned into the first animated Best Picture nominee in 1991. Sounds like they want to beat del Toro to the punch. Read more.

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