Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Social 42

1. What is your favorite thing about spring?

I love the warmer weather when the sun is shining and the trees and flowers come back to life. I also love the bright fun colors that come with spring fashion.

2. What is your favorite kind of flower to grow or receive?
Lillys-specifically Stargazers.

3. What is your favorite nail polish color?

The one I use the most is purple. I had a an awesome shade called Eggplant Frost.

4. What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Nothing too strenuous. I like being able to go for a walk at the park, or to ride my bike. Having a picnic or playing kickball in the backyard is way fun as well.

5. Do you have any fun spring plans? Details! :)
My plans include finishing school work, getting through finals and finishing the semester. I can finally get some leisure reading done which will be great. My birthday is at the end of May so that should be fun, and my sister is planning on coming to visit around that time.

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