Thursday, May 1, 2014

3rd Annual Crook Family Refunion-Day 3

Flying Kites. Oh the matching!

Jake playing ball with Adrienne and Luke

 Luke loved the chocolate dessert. 

Fun at the Pool

This is what sealed my fate as the biggest loser at The White Elephant

Swimming Suit DNA Test 

Faye got a whole bunch of hair ribbons and is modeling the Snuggie

One of the best presents. The front of it says "Ask me about my ninja disguise." Then you flip up the front of the t shirt like so and there's a ninja mask. 

This was the real low point. The Chinerciser 

Head Phones

Frozen and Fruitsnacks

Italian Cookbook that came may or may not have come with an Olive Garden gift card. 

New Hair Dryer


New Shoes

Little Girl Shoes

Candy Dish and Card Shuffler

Another Cookbook that might have come with the card shuffler. 

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