Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekly Favorites #22

Graduation was this weekend. I decided not to walk, again, because I wanted to be at work, making money. But I am so proud of these girls. They were the best group of people you could ever hope for.  They made some rough classes that much more bearable.  I wish them them all the best. I hope we don't all lose touch. 

Okay guys. I bought myself some new jeans. They were the 1969 curvy style fit at Gap. I went shopping sometime last week with my friend and saw these jeans. They were on sale (59.99 down to 39.99). I was so tempted to buy them but I didn't want to just make another impulsive decision. So I went back a few days later. These jeans were marked down even more 29.99. I love when that happens.

Enough Said!

I am kind of becoming obsessed with Frank Abagnale's story. I enjoyed the movie, and I just listened to the full soundtrack of the new broadway show. If you are a fan of theatre, I feel confident you will like this music. Aaron Tveit is always stellar. My sister was able to hear Frank speak at her husband's school in Missouri this past week. I was very jealous. I think I will try and convince my book club to read the actual book for our next meeting. 

Last but not least. I've really been enjoying Once Upon a Time Lately. The Wicked Witch has been a very good villain. What do you guys think?  If you haven't been watching watch the first few seasons on Netflix

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