Monday, December 31, 2012

Movie News for 2013

Movies Opening this Week January 4th
Texas Chainsaw 3D
All Superheroes Must Die
A Dark Truth
56 and UP

New Trailers
Pacific Rim

Confirmation: There will be a Wicked movie

As recently reported to Entertainment Weekly, "conversations are now starting" regarding the movie adaptation of the hugely successful Broadway musical, Wicked, says Producer Marc Platt.
"It's still a ways away," Platt said. "I would expect in the near future to begin the process of development. Therewill be a movie."
Universal Pictures owns the rights to Wicked, and has potentially begun the process already. It's been reported that the company have sought out Director Stephen Daldry to adapt from stage to screen. Daldry has received Academy Award nominations for his work on Billy Elliot, THE HOURS and more recently received a 2011 nomination for EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE.

Winnie Holzman, who penned the musical's book based on Gregory Maguire's novel, will reportedly also write the screenplay. The film has been talked about for some time, but has been slow in production; no casting or further members of the creative team have been announced, despite rumours that Glee star, Lea Michele, is in talks to portray everyone's favourite green witch, Elphaba.
Wicked opened on Broadway in October of 2003, starring Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, and is about to reach its 10th year on Broadway. Boasting two national tours and productions in both Chicago and California, the musical has earned more than $2 billion in the US alone, since its debut. A film adaptation seems the logical next step.

Robert Downey Jr. Talks Tone, Ben Kingsley and More in 'Iron Man 3'

If you're like us, you celebrated the holidays by rewatching Shane Black's terrific detective story Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which - like many of Black's films - is set at Christmastime. It's also a great primer for the dynamic we can expect between Black and his lead actor Robert Downey Jr. in the upcoming Iron Man 3, which recently made our list of 30 Films We'd Be Sad To Miss If the World Ends. We've seen someexcellent trailers so far, and Downey recently spoke with the mag Nuts UK (NSFW link, via Comic Book Movie) and offered up a few more tidbits about what Marvel has in store to kick off its cinematic Phase Two. Click here to read more. 
Warner Bros. Pictures 2013 Preview

Gangster Squad - January 11th

Los Angeles, 1949. Ruthless, Brooklyn-born mob king Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) runs the show in this town, reaping the ill-gotten gains from the drugs, the guns, the prostitutes and-if he has his way-every wire bet placed west of Chicago. And he does it all with the protection of not only his own paid goons, but also the police and the politicians who are under his control. It's enough to intimidate even the bravest, street-hardened cop...except, perhaps, for the small, secret crew of LAPD outsiders led by Sgt. John O'Mara (Josh Brolin) and Jerry Wooters (Ryan Gosling), who come together to try to tear Cohen's world apart. Gangster Squad is a colorful retelling of events surrounding the LAPD's efforts to take back their nascent city from one of the most dangerous mafia bosses of all time.   Click here to see the rest ofthe preview.

Now To List My Favorite Movies of 2012

-Hunger Games
-The Avengers
-Sky Fall
-The Dark Knight Rises
-Les Miserables
-Pitch Perfect
-The Hobbit
-Moonrise Kingdom

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