Sunday, December 12, 2010

Changing State of Mind

I’ve been thinking a lot about how my perspective has changed and I appreciate different things. Every year one of my siblings or my parents asks me what I want for Christmas and my list might look something like this.

I would like a bumble/beaded watch.

Or a cute pea coat from American Eagle
I wouldn't mind a new Ipod touch. I love my Ipod Classic, but its starting to freeze up on me and after I charged it over night, I got a white screen of death
I would really enjoy getting a plane ticket to New York. There are so many things to see and places to visit and I think it would be fun.

Now I am really grateful for things like gift cards and a ream of paper for my printer. I was happy when my mom got me a new ice scraper for my car. It was bigger and it had a brush so I could clean off the snow. I don't know what's caused the change,but I think this time of year is perfect to stop and think about what we take for granted, and to be grateful for how much we actually have.

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  1. Exactly. Like good friends. I'm grateful for generous, loving friends who lend their ears and hearts and "don't stop believin'."