Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekend Trip to Idaho

This weekend my best friend Holly Wilder and Wayne Jackson got married. I was invited to their luncheon but unfortunately I had to leave early because my family was leaving for Idaho. We were going to hear my niece Faye sing in church. Of course there had to be a down pour of snow the night before.

The roads were pretty clear and not at all as scary as I imagined they would be. Just passed the Utah/Idaho border and going through Malad, we saw four cars off to the sideof the road. The driving actually very smooth, and the only low point of the trip was the Blimpies where we stopped near the Idaho border.

Frank and Jamie were great to chat with and the kids are just as cute as ever. Isaac has the greatest hair in the history of babies. He has this long patch that sticks up on the top of his head that you could make into a pony tail. He is one solid kid. He is 6 months old and already has 4 or 5 teeth. He is handsome one though.

Gracelynn is at that stage where she is learning to talk. We laugh at everything she tries to say. She loves sucking her thumb and showing me her belly button. Jordan tried to take a picture of her with his phone and she turned into the biggest ham. She is so cute.

Faye is very precocious. She is very smart, and very energetic. She is 6 going 30. She really took to uncle Jordan. Jamie said "Jordan, I think somebody wants your attention" and Faye responded "that's me!" All during sacrament meeting Faye was whispering times tables to Jordan. When she got up to the stand to sing Away in a Manger, she had never practiced with the microphone. So, before the piano started its introduction for her she turned to her Jamie and said into the microphone "what am I supposed to do just stand here?"

We had a great time playing with dolls, reading books, and fighting imaginary bad guys.I also came to one last conclusion after our quick trip: I think I want a St. Bernard.

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