Monday, August 5, 2013

Breaking Pointe

So I’ve recently discovered this new reality show that is semi entertaining called Breaking Pointe. It’s a behind the scenes look at the Ballet West Company in Salt Lake City. It made me reminisce about the one year (or so) I did ballet and helped me realize why I will never be a dancer.

To begin, I should be positive and list the few reasons why I would be a good dancer.
First, I can appreciate the beauty of dance and admit it takes talent to do this.

Or this

Second, I have rhythm.

Third, I am pretty flexible and limber. I can keep my leg straight and make a good line/extension, whatever you call it. I actually have had a few people ask me if I was a dancer while I was at the gym strength training. This only happened while I was doing a modified single leg dead lift that makes your body look like a lever. 
Your hands go down with the weight and your leg goes up.  

I'll admit the whole thing made me chuckle a little. 
Now onto the longer list entitled Why I Will Never Be a Dancer/Ballerina.

First, and most importantly, I am not graceful or coordinated. I am constantly hitting my arms on door frames, running into counters, and tripping on things like stairs and rugs. I can only imagine the damage I would inflict in a dance studio, rehearsal space, or on a stage.

I am not tall, willowy, or slender.  Let’s face it, I’m short.  I am only 5 feet 2 inches tall and I am also rather compact.  If I was a dude people might call me husky.  I am just a solid person with very broad shoulder, so in reality I have the body type more suited to being a line backer than a ballerina.

The clothes.  I mean, just look at the duck feathers I had to wear for my one and only ballet recital. The costumes are just a little too floofy for my taste and I think the leotards would make me self conscious.

Risk of injury. While watching Breaking Pointe two of the dancers were discussing a particularly long and brutal rehearsal. One of them said that she’d be surprised if she had any toe nails left at the end of the week.  
Just look at this picture. Enough said.

Taking violin lessons and playing music fit my personality so much better, for many reasons. That is why ballet class lasted for about a year, but the music lessons lasted for 12. 

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