Thursday, August 8, 2013

Throwback Thursday-Childhood Friends


This week is all about childhood friends. This was my gang at 8 years old. Aren’t we cute?

I had two really good friends growing up. Jocelyn and Allie.  Here we are at one of my birthday parties. ( I am sorry for the lack of clear crisp photos.)  Jocelyn is the one banging me over the head with the present. Allie is sitting on the couch,  in black, the second one from the right.

Jocelyn. Jocelyn was a gifted story teller. I remember she once told me that her parents were paying for Lori Loughlin, Aunt Becky from Full House, to fly in from California and give her singing lessons.  I liked hanging out at Jocelyn’s House. She had a cute little daschund named him Oscar.  We played a lot, watched movies like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and even did gymnastics together.

 Allie. She was a rebellious one. She got me in trouble a few times by convincing me to stay out on the playground after recess was over.  We loved just hanging out, discussing who are favorite backstreet boy was, jumping on the tramp, and make melted marshmallow goo in the microwave. I know, we were totally weird. Allie even convinced me to go see Spice World when it was in movie theaters.

When I moved and was close to entering Junior High I made the three greatest friends. Leslie, Sabina, and Dani. We love getting together and reminiscing about our summer camping experiences which included river rafting and rock climbing, being boy crazy, and singing the entire opening song from Beauty and the Beast, and other Disney songs, at the top of our lungs while hiking. Today it’s still a blast to go to dinner, set up a projector for an outdoor movie (which we did last year) and just have a good time. 

Last Week Leslie got married. Yay! 

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