Saturday, July 28, 2012


ABBA are Swedens biggest music export ever with over 370 millions record sold. ABBA is the greatest popgroup of all time, only compared with Elvis and The Beatles. Arrival From Sweden is a tribute band, and has became one of the world's most popular and most selling ABBA show band. Since the start in 1995, the band has toured over 35 nations and appeared in several  TV - and radio shows all over the world. If you want to know more about the history ofABBa check out this post from the blog For the Luv of Music. 

 Arrival has come to Utah and we got to see them tonight at the Sandy Ampitheatre, and it truly was a great show. They look and sound just like the original.  If you didn’t know any better you’d swear you were back in 70s at an actual ABBA concert.  

Dad and Jordan and Me

They did all of the classics (pretty much everything off of the Gold Album) and some songs that aren’t so well known (Angel Eyes, Honey Honey, When I kissed the Teacher, Kisses of Fire, and I Do I Do I Do). We had a such a blast and I highly recommend going to an Arrival show. 

 This first video is Mama Mia. I apologize for the horrible camera work. I was trying to show what a party it was with everyone dancing. I also didn’t realize the sound cut out everytime I zoomed in or out. 

The Winner Takes it All

Thank You For the Music

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  1. Soooo jealous! Nothing is better than an ABBA tribute band :)