Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Annual Crook Refunion Pt. 2

Friday, 23 of us, 14 kids and 9 adults, headed to Park City. We caused quite a stir with our matching t-shirts. People thought they were great. Lindsay talked to some of the employees about the shirts right when we arrived and they were cracking up. They wanted to know all about Bangers and Mash and wanted a phone number. It was a blast. We all got to ride the Alpine Slide and the Roller Coaster. We also went out to eat at the Wasatch Pub and Grill for lunch. Some poor guy came in right before our group. He was by himself and wanted someplace quiet to work. I think he actually said he didn't want to sit by people with a ton of kids; probably while giving us a dirty look. =-)


We stopped by the Java Cow to buy the kids Ice Cream


Some of us stayed to shop at the Outlets. Erin and I stopped by DownEast and Bianca found this skirt that she really liked. Tres Bianca!!


This is why we love Tyler. 

Jake got women's shoes for the second day in a row. ha ha ha!


Lindsay got this T-shirt. I have never seen her so disgusted. It was so funny!!

My Gift

Jordan got an A. T. Still University tote bag. Can you tell that he just love it

Next up, Day 3 and the last day of our White Elephant extravaganza.


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